Unitarian College Manchester

Selection Criteria and Procedure

More detailed information on criteria used in accepting applicants for ministry or lay pastor training will be sent with the application form, and potential students are advised to consult the Chief Officer at Unitarian headquarters.

Briefly, selectors look for:

  • Grasp of the Unitarian and/or Non-Subscribing Presbyterian ethos
  • Practical knowledge of at least one of these movements
  • Several years' practical experience of the life of a Unitarian or Non-Subscribing church congregation
  • Sense of vocation
  • Ability to communicate well
  • Stability in one's personal life
  • Experience of conducting worship
  • Good general level of education and cultural knowledge
  • Willingness to minister to the full range of Unitarian beliefs
  • Willingness to undertake recommended courses
Intending students for the ministry or lay pastorate should apply to the Chief Officer, usually during the summer for courses starting in the autumn of the following academic year. Candidates are short listed in the year and interviewed in early January. Once students are accepted in principle they then discuss which training provision would be most appropriate; Unitarian College Manchester, Harris Manchester College Oxford, or, for Welsh speakers, a scheme based in Wales.

Ministers wishing to pursue in-service training, and lay people exploring the possibility of general theological or Unitarian education, should contact the College directly.
  Funding of Ministerial Training  
Students who have been accepted for training by the General Assembly's Interview Panel will usually have their basic course fees paid by the College.

Students who have not previously undertaken higher education may be eligible for state student loans.

Applications for grants to cover maintenance and other necessary expenses may also be made to a number of trust funds, including the General Assembly Unitarian Ministerial Students' Fund. The College will advise students after referral.

A College bursary is usually paid to students who undertake a student pastorate.

Students of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland should seek funding through their Presbytery.

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