Unitarian College Manchester

About the College

Founded in 1854, the College celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2004. It is an independent institution, supported by subscribers and governed by a committee appointed at an annual meeting. We prepare students for ministry and lay leadership positions in the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, and the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland.

In addition we have a tradition of providing occasional overseas scholarships for students and ministers from kindred churches overseas, particularly Hungary and Romania (Transylvania). Lay students and ministers seeking continuing ministerial education can also be admitted.


The college is maintained by subscriptions and donations from individuals and churches, though it is also grant aided by grants from denominational trusts.


    Our programme    
Prepares students for ministry in:
  • Unitarian and Free Christian Churches
  • The Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland
  • Other Liberal Churches
Provides courses for lay pastors and lay leaders
Offers Scholarships for ministers of the Hungarian and Romanian Unitarian Churches
Is a member of the Partnership for Theological Education, based at Luther King House

Shares with other members of the Partnership in the provision of BA and MA degrees in contextual theology, validated by the University of Manchester.  
Colleges which participate in the degree courses:-
  • Northern College (URC and Congregational)
  • Northern Baptist College
  • Luther King House Open College
Provides, within the Partnership, for ministerial in-service training and short courses for lay people    
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