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Unitarian College Manchester has been preparing students for ministry and lay leadership positions in the Unitarian and Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches since 1854. In addition we have a tradition of providing occasional overseas scholarships for students from kindred churches, particularly from Hungary and Romania.

We are an independent institution, supported by subscribers and governed by a committee appointed at an annual meeting.
Public Benefit Statement

The Trustees have taken into account the Charity Commission guidance on public benefit and believe that the activities of the Trust are in line with that guidance.

In particular, the objects incorporate public benefit as follows:

  1. To prepare men and women for the work of the Unitarian and other liberal religious ministries.
  2. To assist in the education of laypersons in liberal religious thought and principles.
  3. To adhere to its tradition of freely imparting theological knowledge without insisting on the adoption of particular theological doctrines.

By implication, the Charity contributes to the public benefit by enabling men and women to minister to the wider community, not only by providing public worship, but also by conducting rites of passage services and a spectrum of welfare and other charitable services to those in need.

The Charity provides a large part of its services in the form of tutor salaries, general administration and buildings overheads without charge and aims to minimise the cost of course fees it charges to students. Furthermore, it aims to offer financial assistance to its enrolled students who demonstrate that they cannot afford to pay these fees.

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